Friday, 28 August 2015

Reinas de Costa Rica presents its Queens

On Wednesday, August 26, Reinas de Costa Rica organization presented its representatives of Costa Rica in Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Grand, Miss Panamerican and Miss Tourism International 2015 contests to be held in China, Japan, Austria, Thailand, Germany, USA and Malaysia respectively.
Costa Rica Representatives
(L-R) Angélica Reyes (Miss World 2015), Melania Gonzalez (Miss International 2015) and Andrea Rojas (Miss Earth 2015)
The three major queens were Angélica Reyes, Melania Gonzalez and Andrea Rojas  to represent Costa Rica in Miss World 2015, Miss International 2015 and Miss Earth 2015 pageants coming up later this year.

The other queens who were crowned were Lizbeth Valverde as Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2015, Mariela Aparicio as Miss Grand Costa 2015, Raquel Guevara as Miss Panamerican 2015 and lastly, Brenda Munoz as Miss Tourism International 2015. 

Do you know that Brenda Castro won the Miss Costa Rica 2015 and is suppose to represent Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2015. But she wont be at Miss Universe pageant this year because of Costa Rica's withdrawal from the contest due to the racist comment made by Donald Trump - stakeholder at Miss Universe.

Photo Credit: Reinas de Costa Rica


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