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Anea Garcia from Dominican Republic won the Miss Grand International 2015

Miss Grand International 2015 Anea Gracia

The Miss Grand International  2015 which marks the 3rd edition of the pageant was concluded at Indoor Stadium Huamark, Bangkok Thailand on Oct. 25. Miss Grand International is an annual international beauty contest run by the Miss Grand International Organization based in Thailand searching for potential woman to encourage and run the campaign ‘Stop the war and Violence‘ to help acknowledge people to avoid the conflict, violence that may lead to War in any form.

Crowning moment of Anea Garcia as Miss Grand International 2015 
Anea Garcia from Dominican Republic won the Miss Grand International 2015 pageant and was crowned by the outgoing queen Miss Grand Int'l 2014 Daryanne Lees Garcia from Cuba. Anea defeated 77 contestants from around the world to win to the highly coveted international crown. The runners up were 1RU Claire Elizabeth Parker of Australia, 2RU Vartika Singh of India, 3RU Parul Shah of Philippines and 4RU Rattikorn Kunsom of Thailand.

Miss Grand International 2015 Anea Gracia
20 years old Anea Garcia who has a tall height of 6ft is an American-Dominican model. She was Miss Rhode Island USA 2015 who finished 2RU to Olivia Jordan Miss USA 2015 in Baton Rouge. She was adopted by her grandmother who has instilled in her the ideals of perseverance, principles, and values. Anea has been fortunate to attend private schooling since the 6th grade, which is where she received Catholic education which helped her stay true to her morals. She is a sophomore student of Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island on a full tuition grant through the International Leadership Award and is pursuing a double major in Legal Studies and Philosophy.

Miss Grand International 2015 Top 5

Miss Grand International 2015 Final Results

Winner: Dominican Republic - Anea Garcia
First Runner-up: Australia- Claire Elizabeth Parker
Second Runner-up: India -Vartika Singh
Third Runner-up: Philippines- Parul Shah
Fourth Runner-up: Thailand - Rattikorn Kunsom
TOP 10 : Brazil, Japan, Spain, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka
TOP 20 : Poland, USA, Angola, France, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Netherlands

Special Awards

Miss Popular Vote: Sri Lanka, Ornella Mariam Gunesekere
Best in Swimsuit: Costa Rica, Mariela Aparicio
Best Social Media: India, Vartika Singh
Best in Evening Gown: Japan, Ayaka Tanaka
Best National Costume: Philippines, Parul Shah

More Photos of Anea Garcia

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