Thursday, 3 December 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Colombia loses its First Miss Universe - Luz Marina Zuluaga

77-year-old Luz Marina Zuluaga who was crowned Miss Universe 1958 kicked the bucket (died) yesterday, Dec. 2, 2015 at her residence in Manizales. She finished 1st runner-up in Miss Colombia 1957 but was chosen to compete at the Miss Universe 1958 when the original winner Doris Gil Santamaria got married before the international competition.

The deceased, a native of Pereira wasn't just known for her elegance and captivating beauty but also for simplicity and humility. Remarkably, she was the first and only Miss Universe from Colombia for 56 years until Paulina Vega won the title again in 2014.

"It's very bad news ... that truly saddens us as well. She was not only an extraordinary (beauty) queen but also a great lady," the director of the Colombian National Beauty Pageant, Raimundo Angulo, told Blu Radio.

Prior to her achievement as Miss Universe 1958, she had won Miss Pereira 1957, Miss Caldas 1957, Miss Globe International 1957 and 1st runner up at Miss Colombia 1957.

Miss Pereira 1957 - Winner 2. Miss Caldas 1957 - Winner 3. Miss Colombia 1957 - 1st Runner Up 4. Miss Globe International 1957 - Winner 5. Miss Universe 1958 - Winner

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Yes, she might be gone but her memory lingers in the history of Colombia as a photograph of Zuluaga with the Miss Universe crown, scepter and the trophy awarded to her at her victory are kept at the Colombian National Museum in Bogota. A postage stamp also was issued in her honor in 1959

In 1966, she returned to Manizales, where she grew up, and became involved with the city council as well as with the state’s institute of tourism, of which she eventually became director. She was married to a medical doctor and was blessed with three sons and a daughter.

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