Wednesday, 9 December 2015

UPDATE: Miss World 2015 Sports Competition Finalist

Miss World 2015 Sports Competition Finale shall be held later today at Sanya University Sports Track. In preparation for this event, the contestants were divided into 4 teams. A straight forward challenge of physicality; strength and stamina; a gruelling bleep test was conducted and 6 finalists were chosen in each team making 24 finalists to compete at the sports finale tomorrow which include individual and team shuttle runs, long jump, 100 meter sprint, 400 meter relay, tug of war and more! 

The finalists are as follows:

Yellow Team:
Czech Republic, Bermuda, Curacao, Australia, Denmark, Botswana
Reserves: Argentina, Aruba

Blue Team:  
Guam, Fiji, Kazakhstan, France, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia 
                 Reserves: Finland, Jamaica

Orange Team: 
New Zealand, Serbia, Norway, Samoa, Kenya, Nicaragua
Reserves: Romania, Lesotho

Red Team:
Namibia, Spain, Turkey, Seychelles, South Africa, Scotland
Reserves: USA, Ukraine

Credit: Miss World

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