Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Highlights on Miss World 2015 Talent Show - Top 5

The Miss World 2015 Talent Show was concluded with Lisa Punch of Guyana winning the segment. The eventful, glamorous and spectacular night didn't just go with lots of talents show but also, two Dances of the World intermissions were performed. 

Here is the highlights of the performance of the Top 5 contestants of the Miss World 2015 Talent Show.

GUYANA – Singing Original Song

Miss Guyana Lisa Punch sang an original song, titled ‘One Last Time’, penned in tribute to her deceased cousin, who was the first person in her life to envision and encourage her prospering singing career, Miss Guyana received a standing ovation from her fellow contestants and the crowd, who were left teary-eyed and spellbound by her flawless voice, captivating delivery, and emotional lyrics.

After her victory was announced, Miss Guyana, fighting back tears, said to the crowd, “This victory means everything to me. This proves that my cousin was right, and I thank him and everyone in the audience for making my dream come true.”

In her introduction she said,  ‘One Last Time’ is a song that I wrote a couple of years ago for my cousin, Samuel, who died. He was the first person to tell me I was going to make it big and would be the first person to purchase my CD. I wanted to perform it tonight because Miss World is the biggest platform in the world that showcases talent and I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the first person that believed in me. Even though he is gone, I want him to know that I am still continuing doing what he inspired me to do in the first place.

MALAYSIA – Contemporary Dance & Bone Breaking

I have been dancing for the past 15 years and I chose the style of bone breaking because it is something unique and I hope it stood out to the judges. I mixed bone breaking with contemporary dance.

Click here for more photos of the Talent show

JAMAICA – Traditional Jamaican Dance

My dance is titled ‘Exodus’ and embodies the movement of the Caribbean people. It tells the story of us going from slavery to freedom and breaking the shackles of physical or mental entrapment.

PARAGUAY – Flamenco/Salsa Dancing

I have studied Flamenco and salsa since I was 6 years old. I love it because it is a way I can express my feelings and I wanted to showcase Latin Culture. I come from the heart of South America, Paraguay, so this is an ode to my country and to my people.

SAMOA -  Singing Multilanguage version of Disney hit ‘Let It Go’

My talent is a song and dance and I decided to choose this song because it pertains to the whole world. Everyone knows this song and I went further and learned it in 25 languages because this is what Miss World is all about – internationalism and multiculturalism.

Credit: Miss World

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