Thursday, 10 December 2015

UPDATE: Miss World 2015 Beach Party at Fairytale Resort

After a worthwhile sports event, the Miss World contestants had world-class BBQ dinner on the beach at the Fairytale Resort in Sanya to ease the stressful day. The dinner was funfilled with nice delicacies, games, great dances with music, and bonfire.   

Miss Argentina said, “Today was by far the most fun experience we have had at Miss World. First the sports challenge which really allowed all of us to bond and become true sisters, then this party! I wish the night could keep on going!”

Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina

Miss Belize, who danced every bit like a new wave Janet Jackson, got all of the crowd going when she formed a dance circle and got her fellow contestants to show off their dancing skills one at a time – “I wanted each girl to be able to shine so I just came up with the idea of making a dance circle and then in a few seconds, everybody was joining in!”
Panama, Romania, Russia, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal

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